Yoga Vacations – inspirational retreat for single travellers

Yoga Vacations – inspirational retreat for single travellers

A perception exists that yoga is for those who have a desire to lose weight – whilst others are offended by the portrayal of yoga as a weight loss aid. Well, regular yoga practise can aid weight loss but there is much more to it than that. It is a scientific system of physical and mental practice; it is a union of mind, body and spirit.

Yoga vacations are an inspirational retreat designed to relax, restore and revive your vitality. They are also a great way of visiting unspoilt parts of the world with stunning views and participating in classes in beautiful and peaceful environments. This is a ‘one of of its kind’ vacation which will leave you feeling revitalised, energised, inspired and will help to relieve tensions in both mind and body. It is also a chance to meet other likeminded people that value wellness and health as much as you do.

You don’t have to be a yoga specialist as most vacations are designed for people with varying levels of

ability and understanding.  Indeed there are a vast number of vacations exclusively for beginners. Yoga offers lots of different movements

and sequences to suit every age, body shape and ability. It can be done by people with physical disabilities as well as people who are extremely fit and flexible. Yoga vacations have a safe and convivial atmosphere which brings people together in a way daily life rarely does, therefore they are ideal for solo travellers.

You can expect the destination to be peaceful and relaxing, usually located by the sea, mountains or countryside – and you will also have opportunities to explore the local environ.

  There are also yoga cruises for singles with the freedom of practicing at sea whilst aboard a yacht or ship (

For those who wish to combine their yoga retreat with other activities offers various vacations that combine creativity and relaxation, for example a Digital Photography and Yoga Course in Costa Rica and Surf and Yoga Holiday in Morocco.

Most yoga vacations can be booked through a tour operator or directly with the hotel. There are many vacations types, so choose the one that suits your needs the most.  For example, will you be part of an organised group or will there be other people practicing yoga in the hotel. Will you have to share a room or are the rooms for single use only? How much time is spent on yoga and the philosophy?

Be aware that some companies/hotels hire ‘cowboy’ instructors for purely commercial reasons – they lack the skills to run a successful holiday. Anyone can legally set up as a yoga teacher….. according to British Wheel of Yoga, some instructors have just 48 hours of training before claiming to be fully qualified.  Therefore, before you book your holiday ask for details of qualifications the instructors hold, where they learnt and how long they have been teaching. Choosing a teacher registered with a national governing body will guarantee a reasonable standard.

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