Warwick Castle: Britain’s supreme stronghold

Warwick Castle

Nestled at a turn on the Avon river in the Warwick town of Enlgand’s Warwickshire, the 1000-year old Warwick Castle immerses you in its gripping history of conspiracy, attacks, political treachery, wars, violence, tricks, murders, and rulers all of which now rendering it as haunted. Built by William the Conqueror, it was the first fortress that was built in wood in this county town during the days 1068. Originally built to act as an Anglo Saxon citadel for battling against the Danish attacks, the castle is now seen upon as the England’s greatest medieval encounter, especially when you come here via the Heritage Pass.

However, what you see today is the 13-century stone form of the Warwick Castle built during the era of King Henry II as a stunning success of the medieval planning that stretches for 60 acres with the great gardens casting an enticing charm near the Avon. As compared to the original one, this new birth of the castle occurred with a new plan against the curtain walls. Flanked by a north dry moat where once there was a drawbridge, the fortification has two entrances in the west as well as north walls. Besides the Clarence as well as Bears towers in the mid of the north west wall, you will also come across some 15th-century inclusions, residential buildings in the east, great hall, chapels, Georgian State rooms, bedrooms, and the library as the main attractions.

Looking back into the history, some of its remarkable events are vibrantly re-introduced amidst its impressive interiors. Know how the Warwick Earl or the Kingmaker, Join Richard Neville, arranges for the 1471 Battle of Barnet as well as topples Edward IV and Henry VI at the Wars of the Roses. Even more refined moments can be traced back via the 1898 Royal Weekend Party in the intimate apartments. Most of the luxurious parties were held in the wonderful Countess of Warwick called Daisy – the opulent area where even the Edward VII and the Prince of Wales have enjoyed. The rooms are probably called the luxurious Georgian State Rooms.

 Warwick Castle

Apart from the above highlights, some more major gate attractions include Merlin: The Dragon Tower to explore the world of Merlin, the Castle Dungeons for some bloody events, the Towers and Ramparts, Secrets and Scandals of the Royal Weekend Party of the high Victorian society, and the Princess Tower. And yes, one just cannot forget to take a tour of the landscaped Peacock Garden as well as Victorian Rose Garden. There also exists a dedicated playground for the children as well as events along with the medieval banquets. And yes, just close to the river, you can spot the planet’s largest genuine trebuchet model – a fatal military machine firing more than 80 feet in the air.

One of the must do things at the Warwick castle is to enjoy a legendary themed evening with dinner, which will surely take you back in the medieval era and will make you a part of the past thrilling events.


   Fulke Grevilla spirit in the Ghost Tower also known as the Watergate Tower

   Little girl’s ghost in Undercroft

Warwick Castle


Enjoy high quality food at the Coach House Family restaurant in the Stables Courtyard, the Undercroft in the castle’s lower level (good for the vegans), and the picturesque Riverside pavilions. Expect lunch, salads, pastas, pastries, beverages, hot vegetables, ice creams, cheese burgers, pancakes, and waffles.


   £33.60 per adult including admission to all gate attractions

   £27.60 per child

   £28.80 per student

   £122.40 per family

   £5.00 off the Stratford road at a distance of 5 to 10 minutes from the ticket counter

 Warwick Castle


It is better to book online for discounts. And yes, avoid taking kids below 10 to the Castle Dungeons as they are really scary.

Reaching here

By rail, the nearest stop is Warwick at a distance of a mile. Catch a train from London Marylebone from where it will takes on 1 hour 45 minutes to reach here. Kindly check first on http://www.londonmidland.com/. Alternatively, you can come here from the Birmingham International Airport that is accessible by road in 40 minutes.


Castle Lane


CV34 4QU.

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