Travelling Solo and leaving those you love behind

Travelling Solo and leaving those you love behind

It is always a difficult decision to go travelling on your own and leave those you love behind. Worried about what others would think? You should not feel guilty in deciding to spend some time alone and visit places that you have dreamt of – places that your family would not necessarilyhave in mind. Indeed, there are many positive aspects of having some timeapart.

Here are some tips which could give you the reassurance to seize the moment:

1.    You will travel on your own but will not be alone

There are many people who decide to travel solo.

  The majority are single and independent travellers but there are also those who are in relationships, have families and still choose to journey solo.

Some people worry about being lonely on holidays if not with their family or friends. They are afraid of leaving the comfort of being surrounded by those they know well.However you should know that while holidaying alone, you will meet a lot of other people who like travelling as much as you do, probably share your passion and are pleased to spend free time in a similar way to you.

2.    The best cure ever

Think about the reasons why you decided to do your own thing. Do not forget that the time is about making you happy and pleasing you, not others, for once. Travelling solo can change your mind and general thinking about your normal life and situation back home. With a little time away, you will miss your family and partners which is sometimes a good thing.

When you come back you will share all the great things experiencedduring the holidays. You and those you left behind will appreciate each other’s company much more. You will start looking at yourselves from a completely different perspective–you will, almost certainly feel more relaxed, easy-going and much more tolerant of people and situations. You will become more broad-minded. It is like a cure that everyone needs once in a while to make the reality of daily life more enjoyable.

3.    Separate vacations are not an escape from your family or partners

Spending your holiday apart from your relatives is not necessary an escape from their company.  It ought to signify that you want to add something new to your relationship and  family life, something that will make you happy and satisfied. All the experiences, traditions and cultures you would come across while travelling, could help to bringing a completely new and interesting perspective to your everyday life.

However, you must remember that the time you spend on your own, without the people you love, should not be a replacement of shared vacations with them. And don’t forget, anytime you feel home sick and miss your family, you can just use your mobile phone or internet and get in touch with them no matter where you are.

So just do it and enjoy those moments away- but never forget that there are people who love you and waiting for you to return home!

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