Things to Do in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Argentina has a definite sense of excitement and romance associated with it. Known the world over for the football, Argentina is also filled with exquisitely beautiful landscapes. There are amazing things to do in Argentina including traveling to the heavenly Patagonian plains, the snow covered peaks of Andes and the beautiful cities of Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, the country has no dearth of sights for tourists.

Argentina is the eighth largest in size in the world, and is second largest in the South American continent. The great scale has a hand in the climate variations, as does the geographic diversity. The Cerro Aconcagua, standing at 6, 960 in Argentina is the tallest mountain in the Americas and the Salinas Chicas, at 40 m B S L., is the lowest point in South America. There are so many things to do in Argentina, much to relish, much to admire.
My suggestions for places to visit and things to do in Argentina –

1 ) Buenos Aires – Capital city, The Paris of the South

It would come on top of my list for famous places in Argentina. Buenos Aires has a glorious past and a rich colonial heritage. The city if a literal melting pot of cultures, and there are a number of ethnicities to be observed here. The city is a hub for culture in Argentina, and is often referred to as the ‘Paris of the South’, true to the name, the city is filled with culture, sophistication and style. There is a number of things to do in Buenos Aires. The city is partitioned into barrios, or neighborhoods and each barrio here stand out, because of the unique personality and spirit shown by these. The diversity of the city is among the main attributes of Buenos Aires, and the wealth of museums, art galleries, ateliers, shops etc have to be visited. The nightlife here is pulsating to say the least, and the cuisine delectable.

Buenos Aires

2 ) Mountain Spas of Argentina

There are a number of natural mountain spas in Argentina, and these consist of natural mineral springs that flow directly from the mountains. These thermal waters are said to be filled with healing properties for the skin and body. These natural spas are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. A majority of the spas are located in ecological preserves, and the heavenly views that are offered while you are undergoing a healing spa experience makes these popular. There are some heavenly luxury spas at incomparable locations. There are spas at the Andes. A number of spas are located near volcanoes, and the thermal springs here are naturally warmed, plus there is the production of mineral rich mud, which is said to have natural healing properties. There are a good number of spas all over Argentina, principally in Salta, Mendoza and Patagonia.

3 ) Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are of volcanic formation, and the crack that was formed due the volcanic eruption lead tto the formation. The Iguazu Falls are taller and wider than the Niagara Falls, there are a total of 275 separate falls that are collectively spread in the shape of a horseshoe above more than 2 miles in the Iguazu River. The water fall is a sight to be seen in the rainy season, Nov to Mar, the waters plunge down in immense quantities. It i was to make a list of famous places in Argentina, this would surely come in top 5 on that list.

The Iguazu Falls have numerous islands, and these separate the falls individually. Gargantua del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat ), Bernabe Mendez, San Martin, Bosetti are the main falls.


4 ) Ushuaia

Ushuaia is called the end of the world, and literally the city is the nearest to the Antarctic region. The city is a hub for trips embarking to the Antarctic and the Strait of Magellan. This is also a dock for cruiseships. The Beagle Channel, where Ushuaia is located, is a nature rich location, and there are a whole range of activities like mountaineering, trekking, hiking, horse back riding, sport fishing as well as nature excursions to locations along the beagle Canal, Argentine Antarctica as well as the Cape Horn. Ushuaia is also a ski resort par excellence during the winter season. The Mount Castor has one of the best ski schools in the country, N0rdic and Alpine skiing is available here, there are modern facilities like ski lifts etc.

5 ) Los Glaciers National Park

Perito Moreno is a famous glacier, and is located at the southern tip of the Los Glaciers Park. The glacier changes constantly and moves to and fro. The glacier is a top tourist attration for this very reason.

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