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Skyros Retreat: An Ideal Hassle-free Holiday Haven

Welcome to the ultimate retreat of healing and peace! Standing proudly for it being among the admired retreats in Europe, Skyros is where your cool journey begins for a changed lifestyle and healthy future. (more…)

3 Lesser-Known Historic Sites and Ruins in the Mediterranean for Travelers

In the past millennia of European history, many great civilizations have constructed cities filled with temples, theatres, palaces and other structures of striking beauty. Unfortunately, most ancient buildings eventually fell victim to invasion or earthquake. A handful of ancient treasures, however, have been handed down to us. (more…)

Greek Party Islands Explored

Greece is the go-to destination for 24-hour party people. The Greek islands combine sun, sea and sand with the best music for dancing and having a good time. Let’s take a look at five great Greek party islands which should be at the top of your list for a fun-packed holiday this summer. (more…)