Spa Vacations – an essential escape for single travellers

Spa Vacations – an essential escape for single travellers

What would you say on becoming slimmer, less stressed and more energetic after your holidays? Well this is what usually happens after spa vacations which are becoming more and more popular for both men and women.

Spa vacation organisers look after individuals, their aim is to make you look and feel better. They are an ideal way to get away from the everyday routine, stress of work and family. You could learn stress control techniques which will help you to be more concentrated and calm when you come back home. This is why such holiday option is perfect for solo travellers who are over-stressed, overweight or who simply want to relax and become healthier.

Spas offer a personalised service; you will usually get private consultations with nutritionists, yoga teachers, chefs and personal trainers during your holidays. They will advice and teach you how your body is functioning, what exercises would be ideal for you and what food you should eat (for example how to eat well without gaining weight).

The spas aim not only to make you feel better about yourself but also motivate you to have a healthy life style.

The spas destinations vary between luxury resorts, boutique hotels and spas attached to the large hotels. It would be suggested that you choose a destination spa rather than a large resort, they are more customer orientated, there are likely to be many other singles on vacation and all the guests are usually the part of a spa program.

The following spa destinations are great options for those who are travelling solo:


Rancho La Puerta (San Diego, US) (

Canyon Ranch (Tucson, US) (

Foxhills (UK) (


The Golden Door (Escondido, US) (

Green Valley Spa (Utah, US) (

Asia Gardens (Spain) (asiagardens.


Sens Spa (New Forest, UK) (


Coolfont (Berkeley, US) (

Lake Austin Spa Resort (Austin, US) (

The Garden of England Spa (UK) (

Ayurvedic Spas, Kerala, India ( (a tour operator, the website gives good info but you don’t have to book through them)

Due to their popularity there are a great number of spas to choose from all around the world. It is important that you choose the one that suits you the most. Decide what you want from your holiday first and then search for the best resort. To make up your mind, you could compare the resorts on Spa Finder ( or look for some recommendations in The Good Spa Guide:

Most spas have a single room rates or no single supplements whilst some offer an option to share a room. Some resort are for singles only however you will not be isolated as most of them offer a personal service which makes the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.

There are also spas for men or women only. Those who cater for men offer for example therapies for golfers, grooming treatments and massages. Many are geared up for dealing with men who are new to the whole experience, and will allay any nervousness about what’s involved. So, if you think you’d be more comfortable in an all-male environment, you can certainly find one.

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