New York: The City of Dreams in America

New York, Central Park

The city of New York may look all imposing, dominating, ruthless, fast paced to travellers, but the city has a heart and soul, which can be explored with just minimum means and you do not need big bucks to have fun in this vibrant hot city.

You may just take a stroll and enjoy a unique shopping experience at Bergdorf Goodman Department Store, which has an amazing layout, excellent merchandise and courteous staff to cater to all your shopping needs and on the onsite restaurants can be your favourite spots to look at the life in New York.

The Century 21, mall is a place where you can shop till you drop dead-it could be the most expensive brand or most cheap stuff- you may say a 1200 dollars fur to 10 dollars socks.

New York, Central Park

Once you are done with your shopping spree, take a walk to the National SEPT 11 memorial and museum, dedicated to the people who lost their lives in a terrorist attack, and the monument is now built in place of the World trade Center twin towers, and it will be an emotional and a humble experience for you.

At the Rock feller centre you can have an amazing 360 degree view of the New York city, or you may have a picnic at the Central park, which is a fun filled place bang in the heart of Manhattan and you can enjoy boat rides, street plays and in winter ice skating. The view from the Brooklyn Bridge is awesome and you can witness the entire Manhattan from here.

New York City street

The Hudson water park in New York west side is an amazing newly refurbished water front lined up with cafe house, pubs, tennis and baseball courts, skate parks, walking paths and you may enjoy the beers and burgers here and have a great time.

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