How to Visit Salzburg on a Budget and Still Enjoy It

Salzburg center

Did you ever notice how fast cash goes away when you go on a vacation? It may be because you’re enjoying yourself a little bit too much or you are not yet used to the currency there. However, unless you are the heir of some rich person, you might have a problem if the money goes out before your vacation ends. This is why a plan needs to be carefully put into action before you jump on the horse.

Salzburg center

Getting a Tourist Card

Salzburg provides tourists with a $20.00 tourist card that allows them admission into the Fortress funicular, the Salzburg museums, the Untersberg cableway and also public transport. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Mozart’s Birthplace: the actual rooms of the Mozart family, which provides a history of their past, but also future legacies. You can also get a pass into Mozart’s own residence.
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress: this is the largest fortress in Europe that was fully preserved, and it offers a stunning view over the city below.
  • Salzach Cruise: this is an 8 km tour that shows the cityscape of Salzburg.
  • Cable-Car Untersberg: this is a mystical mountain on the Austrian-German border, which is also known as the “Sleeping Dragon.”
  • Hellbrunn Palace: you can enter this Baroque villa and visit the Trick Fountains, the ballrooms, and the incredible-looking parks.

There are many other places you can visit with this card, so ask around.

Salzburg Castle
Salzburg Castle

Living Expenses

We heard from a lot of tourists that the best way to keep count of your money is by eating in instead of eating out. Indeed, you can go out for a fancy dinner every now and then, but don’t do that every evening. Opt instead for buying local groceries from the market and cook your own food. Salzburg is very famous for its dairy farms, so I suggest you try out the cheese there. The street vendors can also offer you local foods at good prices, although you need to be careful during holidays: people can line up really fast!


Another way in which you can save money while in Salzburg is by choosing a professional airport taxi in Salzburg. Albeit you may assume that such services may leave you bankrupt, the truth is that, if you book your transfers prior the date you arrive there, you can obtain some convenient rates. Certainly, choosing a cab over a crowded bus and struggling with luggage is a happy choice. Also, this is the ideal solution for your traveling plans, whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a group. Hence, you can enjoy the city and reach your destination immediately, as opposed to wasting time in traffic.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a Salzburg airport taxi, keep in mind that there are some options there which will not cost you half your travel money. Some even have very cheap prices, and the biggest advantage is that you will not have to wait in line for a cab – it will pick you up directly!

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