Great vacation spots for middle-aged single women

Orlando Animal Kingdom

As a frequent single traveler, I have found the perfect destination…Walt Disney world! I know it seems like a place that would be enjoyed with family or friends, but there are many reasons that make it fun for singles as well. Number one concern is safety and I have found that by staying at a Disney World Resort and using their transportation, I feel safe even when out in the evening. There are many security people and Disney cast members around at all times.

Orlando Animal Kingdom
Orlando Animal Kingdom

I have found that when visiting the Theme parks as a single female, it is easy to strike up conversations with other travelers while waiting in line for attractions, while shopping, or watching parades and fireworks. The cast members also are very friendly and do not make you feel awkward when you say “party of 1”. I have even had cast members ride the attraction with me!

Another great thing to do at Disney World as a single traveler is to take one of the many Back Stage Tours that are offered. I have taken the Back Stage Safari tour at Animal Kingdom and got to see the elephant quarters up close, and even got to pet a whit rhino! During the Keys to the Kingdom tour at the Magic Kingdom, i was able to visit the utilidor tunnel system “underneath” the park. During the Undiscovered Future World tour at Epcot, I was able to walk into the dinosaur portion of Ellen’s Energy Adventure in between the ride vehicles, and got to see some of the VIP lounges in some of the pavilions. During the tours there are often other single travelers to visit with.
I also enjoy getting my photo taken with the characters, and there is always a cast member to take the picture for you.

Going to Disney World as a single traveler allows you to tour at your own pace and not have to worry about what traveling companions want to do. If I want to go back to my resort and watch my favorite soap opera in the middle of the day I can. I can also ride the Haunted Mansion three times in a row if I want. There are many web sites that you can get info about traveling to WDW as a solo. I have found to be especially helpful. Have Fun!

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