Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh castle

The Edinburgh Castle is among the highlights that dominate the skyline of the great Scottish city. The illustrious past of the city and the notable events that took place is stood in testimony for by the numerous historical structures, but the castle is arguably the most notable among the attractions held by the city for travelers. The Edinburgh Castle certainly had a hand in Edinburgh’s fame as ‘the Athens of the North”. There are a whole range of attractions available here for travelers.

Edinburgh city is divided into two parts – the New and Old Towns. The New Town is inclusive of the well known Princes Street, and the Old Town extends from the Edinburgh Castle and then on its downhill, to the Holyrood palace, which is the official residence of the Monarch in Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle is of course part of the old town, but Princes Street is where the castle is visible in all its glory. The view of the castle from Princes Street which has shops and other establishments on one side and the majestic Edinburgh castle on one side, explains exactly why the castle is famed for being impregnable. Imposing is an understatement when you describe the Edinburgh castle.

edinburgh castle

The Edinburgh Castle is placed atop a buckled crater of a now inactive volcano, and is the history of the castle can be traced to the Chapel of St Margaret, which is the oldest building in the city, and is still in use. The Edinburgh has had many functions in its past, the Castle has served the country in many roles, from being an impregnable fortress, the Edinburgh Castle also has been in operation as a military garrison, a royal palace, as also a prison.

There are a host of attractions that can be seen by visitors at the Edinburgh castle. The castle is home to the Crown Jewels of Scotland which include the Crown, the scepter, as well as other state regalia which are referred to as the Honors of Scotland, and are the oldest regalia in the whole of Europe.

edinburgh castle

The Royal Chambers that were under use as a Royal residence, until King James VI was made the King of England and moved to England. The Union of the Crowns crowned him as King James I for England. He was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Even at present, there are guns fired everyday precisely at one o clock, from the castle ramparts, and people all over use these to set their watches.

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