Solo holidays are the greatest opportunity to live the life to its full.  So, pack your luggage, say goodbye to your love ones and do not worry, this holiday is going to be very exciting – and you will not be alone!

Below are some different and unique holiday propositions:

1. Kilimanjaro Trek

Mount Kilimanjaro is a volcano situated close to where Africa’s three main tectonic plates meet, in Tanzania and it is one of the world’s largest typographical features and world’s tallest freestanding mountain. There are six routes to climb it, none requiring any technical skills or specialist equipment. Therefore it is perfectly manageable for anyone who feels fit enough to climb.

Among many tour operators offering trips to Kilimanjaro, The Adventure Company seems to have the best reviews. They offer trips for both experienced climbers and the beginners with possible safari sightings. There are no single supplements on most of the trips and all tours have a group leader whose aim is to make you comfortable and safe during the excursion.

2. Weddell Sea Excursion

Weddell Sea is a pristine area of Antarctica with, according to scientists, the cleanest water of any sea. It is a region of rare wildlife including Emperor Penguins. Most parts of the sea are covered in ice therefore to explore the more remote polar regions you have to be on board of a special expedition vessel.

Explore! is one of the exclusive travel operators who offer this adventure. You would be voyaging on board a Russian vessel with large deck space and helicopters available to view the more secluded areas. The group size is a maximum of 100 people and there is 1 expedition staff available per 16 passengers.  All meals are included and of course there are no single supplements as the holidays are designed with singles in mind.

3. Grand Canyon Rafting

The Colorado River has taken millions of years to create the canyon which is280  milesin length and over a mile in depth.  It is, without doubt, one of the earth’s most incredible geographical wonders.

One of the tour operators that specialise in rafting through the canyon is Trek America. Their package tours include all the equipment, meals, 7 nights camping and services of the rafting guide. According to the Trek Americas website, 80% of travellers who choose this expedition are single travellers!

4. Cross Country Skiing Norway

Norway has endless skiing possibilities with 80km of various tracks through forests, across the lakes and open country.Cross country skiing is the best option to explore the wildness of Norway andto ski to the edge of spectacular gorges and command magnificent views over jagged mountain ranges. This type of experience differentiates itself because it allows you to see different parts of the country and you are not limited to the one skiing resort.

Exodus is a tour operator who organise the experience to Kavitavatn located in the Southern Norway highest mountains. The holidays are designed for the beginners as well as the experienced skiers. There are a stretching sessions available every day, also you can attend presentations about ski maintenance and safety in the mountains. The groups organised by Exodus include couples, single travellers and friends travelling together, however they also have ‘solo departures’, specifically recommended for those travelling on their own.