It is very important for those who travel alone to be wise and smart travelers. Solo travel carries some built-in stresses for example there is no one to watch the luggage for you or to guide you when you are lost. This article aims to raise your confidence and help you to be in a full control of your single vacation. The article will concentrate on one of the most important aspects of holiday preparation – packing.

First and foremost, prepare a packing list. It will keep you from forgetting important items. Remember to take only things that you will actually use during your vacation. Avoid bulky items. Do not pack items that you know in your heart are unnecessary. Whatever you pack you will have to carry yourself. Small suitcases or rucksacks are easier to carry around but if you do have to take a lot of items then consider a bag/suitcase on the wheels preferably with a retractable handle – and a garment bag/suit carrier that goes on your shoulder. They are much easier to transport.

Remember not to put your valuables in luggage you intend to check-in. Always keep those items in hand luggage, small travel bag or money belt, well hidden and away from pickpockets. All the liquids such as shampoos and lotions which you plan to carry as hand luggage should be transferred into small 100ml bottles and then put into a designated plastic bag. Any other liquids should be put into light weight plastics to avoid any extra weight and put into plastic bags just in case it spills.

When packing your clothes be merciless. Unless you are going to a glamorous hotel, take the least necessary clothes – and for women, preferably organized around one basic color to cut down on accessories. Take the unexpected weather into consideration. Pack a folding umbrella, a raincoat and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. If you need a warm coat, wear it on you or carry it as it takes a lot of space.

As for the extra things that may prove to be useful during your solo adventure, pack a sewing kit to do a quick repairs and a travel alarm so you do not over sleep. Packing some plastic bags for wet clothes and laundry would also be a good idea. Lock your luggage securely before your travel to avoid accidental opening and to discourage thieves.

Remember to add a tag with your name, telephone number and address, this identification will help to locate your bag if it’s lost. If your bag gets delayed more than a few hours by airlines, they are supposed to advance you for essential necessities thus, so remember to ask for it.

The last important thing is to make copies of your travel documents such as passport, hotel reservations and keep them separate from the originals. They will be helpful in case you need replacements.