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Cornered Religiously on all four sides – Char Dham

Do you want to be surrounded by God? Do you want to feel surreal anywhere in this world? Then just pack your bags and head towards Char Dham, the ultimate yatra or journey for any pilgrim or devotee in this part of India. (more…)

“Sun”ning Glory? Konark Sun Temple

In the 13th century, in India was built a great Pagoda – The Black Pagoda. This went on to become one of the major pilgrim destinations for Indians. Today popularly known as the Konark Sun Temple, this monumental excellence made of ferrugious sandstone and oxidized stone was the masterpiece of King Narsimhadeva I who belonged to the Eastern Ganga dynasty. (more…)

Elephantine tales from Thekkady

Want to feel closer to Nature and feel the freshness of the natural surroundings? Want to hear the roar of the wild elephants and see them like you could touch them? Seems too good to believe? NO, right here in our own country India in the heart of the wilderness in the forests of Southern India lies a land called Thekkady. Approachable from Cochin the city in South Indian in Kerala, this pristine land of green expanse in the best attraction in a Kerala tour.


Explore the World! Do not be afraid of traveling on your own for the first time!

Many single people fear travelling solo outside the comfort of their town or city, unless visiting friends and family. Some find eating alone as a weird experience while others may worry about safety or getting lost. Overcoming the fear of travelling alone is hard thing to do so, this article will share some basic but essential tips for surviving your first solo travel trip and actually enjoy it! (more…)

Travelling Solo and leaving those you love behind

It is always a difficult decision to go travelling on your own and leave those you love behind. Worried about what others would think? You should not feel guilty in deciding to spend some time alone and visit places that you have dreamt of – places that your family would not necessarilyhave in mind. Indeed, there are many positive aspects of having some timeapart. (more…)

Why not try angling this year?

For independent travellers who have a passion for fishing and like to relax outdoors, angling is an ideal holiday option.  Commonly known as a sport, angling is becoming more popular as a form of recreation. (more…)

Yoga Vacations – inspirational retreat for single travellers

A perception exists that yoga is for those who have a desire to lose weight – whilst others are offended by the portrayal of yoga as a weight loss aid. Well, regular yoga practise can aid weight loss but there is much more to it than that. It is a scientific system of physical and mental practice; it is a union of mind, body and spirit. (more…)

Spa Vacations – an essential escape for single travellers

What would you say on becoming slimmer, less stressed and more energetic after your holidays? Well this is what usually happens after spa vacations which are becoming more and more popular for both men and women. (more…)

Eco Vacations for singles

Eco tourism emerged in early 1970s however it has been only for last 10 years that it became one of the fastest growing trends in the tourism industry. This article aims to tell you a bit more about this rising trend and what it has got to offer to single travellers. (more…)

Visiting London as a solo traveller

Olympic fever is nearly over and Western Europe’s most populated city, with about 8 million residents, has felt the pinch of welcoming an additional million people for a few weeks. Not uncommon after such a major event, London hotels are reporting that bookings are down for the post-Games period, prompting them to offer sale rates. Prices for late August and September this year—a time of reasonable weather usually —are as much as 60 percent off the norm.  It’s a perfect time to visit – and even attend a Paralympic Event. (more…)