5 Fun Things To Do In Budapest

Cruise ship passing the Parliament on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary

Being the capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the historically-rich Hungary, Budapest has a lot of excitement to offer. Whether you are only going to be in the city for a weekend or a month, the following are some fun things to do in Budapest.

1.     Thermal baths

Renowned as the European capital city of thermal baths, Budapest has no shortage of exotic baths and spas that are supplied by over 120 natural hot springs all over the city. Most thermal bath facilities offer a wide range of options you can explore, from swimming and sunbathing to the ultimate relaxation that comes from a good massage and spending some time soaking in the comforting embrace of warm water. The best part is that you can always count on the thermal baths to remain warm all year round, even during the freezing winter months.

Gellert Baths Budapest

2.     Cruises

Another fun thing you shouldn’t miss if you ever visit Budapest is the chance to see her magnificent sights, many of which predate the city itself. Depending on your budget, there are so many cruise packages to choose from, irrespective of the time of year. If you are about learning more about the city, you can choose daytime cruises, but evening cruises have a more romantic feel to them. A great way to see the city in all its glory is to cruise along the renowned Danube River.

Cruise ship passing the Parliament on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary
D7W0K3 Cruise ship passing the Parliament on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary

3.     Visit the Szechenyi Chain Bridge

To further appreciate why the city is called the Pearl of the Danube, take a tour of the chain bridge. The Danube River divides this city into two sides – the Buda and the Pest. This stunning chain bridge not only spans across the river, but it also connects these two sides. The bridge is itself, a sight to behold, and while on it, you can see some of the most outstanding places in the city.

Chainbridge Budapest

4.     Tours

Your visit to Budapest will not be complete without exploring the numerous available tour options. In addition to the boat cruise, there are also walking and biking tour options, hop-on hop-off bus tours, flight tours, and so much more arranged with several side attractions like lunch, dinner, and live bands for you to enjoy. A place you should try is the Heroes’ square.

hop on hop off budapest

5.     Festivals

It doesn’t get any more fun than good food, wine, music, dance, and culture in one place. Experience firsthand the rich dynamics of the natives of the beautiful city by sharing in their way of life during festivals. The peak season of festivals is usually during summer, but there is always something to celebrate in Budapest. So whenever you visit, you’ll find a festival to attend.

In conclusion, the above only gives a general idea of great ways to spend your time in Budapest, but they do not scratch the surface of all the possibilities. Whether we have mentioned your favorite fun things or not, you can still rest assured that fun is guaranteed, even on a tight budget.

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