Why not try angling this year?

Why not try angling this year?

For independent travellers who have a passion for fishing and like to relax outdoors, angling is an ideal holiday option.  Commonly known as a sport, angling is becoming more popular as a form of recreation.


Species of fish vary geographically. Amongst salt water fish the most popular are Tuna, Swordfish and Halibut while in inland waters you could fish for Carp, Pike and Trench. In America, most common are Catfish, Bass and Walleye.


Angling’s principle is to catch and release so the fish is allowed to survive, though some anglers do keep their fish for consumption.

Therefore, to protect certain fish, slot limits are given – for example you are only allowed to keep fish of a certain size or weight.


Angling holidays are usually self catering, also known as ‘drive and survive’. You book your week, make your own way there and generally sort out your own food. For example frenchcarplake.

com is located 2hrs from Calais in France and offers an opportunity to have a lake for yourself – guaranteeing a private and quiet experience for the whole stay.


However there are some tour operators who offer all inclusive package experience for single travellers.

For example angellakes.co.uk includes transfers from the airport, tackle (rods, reels, bed chair, pod, landing net, scales etc.) and meals and drinks during the day.

When you search for your ideal angling destination, consider facts such as

–          quality of the lake – quantity and species of fish available

–          the level of experience required,

–          whether your own tackle needed

–          seasonality for a particular fish

–          facilities available on site

–          most importantly, are there other anglers on the site? (Some independent travellers like their privacy whilst others search for other likeminded people).

In Europe the most popular country for angling is France as it has got an all-year season, high quality of lakes and the rarest species of carps and catfishes. If you are looking for more breathtaking holidays you could fish for Pacific Salmon in Alaska, Trout in Argentina, or ocean species in the Bahamas – known as the best bone fishing destination in the world.  More adventurous anglers could choose Kamchatka in Russia which has the last great tract of unspoiled wilderness left in the world.

Unless the holidays are all inclusive you should take waterproofs, waders, one change of clothes, a good sleeping bag, folding fishing bedside table and a bivvy for your own comfort. The equipment can be found in professional angling stores such as: anglingdirect.co.uk.

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