Things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean, and is divided into two parts. The north of the island is occupied by Turkey, while the south encompasses the Republic of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is famed as a destination famous for beaches, historical monuments, natural attractions, pulsating nightlife and a lot many more. The island of Cyprus is an extremely rewarding destination in the Mediterranean, and there is no dearth to attractions here. The island gets a huge number of visitors annually, who have been attracted by the remarkable mix of attractions that make for a heavenly destination. There is a multitude of things to do in Cyprus.

The travelers to Cyprus is a mixed lot, the resorts like Ayia Napa and Paphos are mainly young crowds who are out to paint the place red, while beaches like those in the Karpas Peninsula are popular with those wishing for quiet holidays. The sheer numbers and diversity of destinations in Cyprus is something that is extremely advantageous to visitors. The versatile nature of island of Cyprus has made it among the most popular islands in the world. The island is filled with a number of rewarding destinations.

aphrodite beach

Aphrodite beach

Larnaca is a tranquil town in the south of Cyprus, and is an extremely popular resort. The location is a serene and tranquil resort, and is ideal for quiet holidays. There are palm trees swaying in the promenade as well as beautiful pristine sands and crystal clear waters. These are among the most popular beach destinations in the world, The Tourist infrastructure here is among the best in the world, there are a good number of hotels and the like that have sprung up here with the advent of tourism, and there are a good number of tourist sites as well. There are some heavenly vistas on offer as well. There are quite some things to do in Cyprus beaches as well.



The town of Kiti is a short distance from Larnaca, and is where the Angeloktisti Church is housed. The church is filled with myriad displays of extremely rare Byzantine Mosaics that date back to close to 6 t h century A D. Limassol is another tourist destination that is incredibly popular as well as being filled with a number of attractions. The town is a major port as well. There is the Curium here, which is a major archeological site, and one of the most impressive in the country of its kind. The towns of Paphos and Ayia Napa are worthy tourist destinations, and there is no dearth to great night spots here, the nightlife is nothing short of pulsating.