Texas: A Destination Worth Visiting

Houston Texas Skyline

Texas has three major cities- Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. A trip to Texas evokes mixed emotions of feelings in you, and they could be an urge to experience over the edge dangers and thrills, or to encounter the rough side of life, or be a spectator to all the cities you visit like a true traveller.

However when you visit Texas, it is advisable to keep a check on the list of things not to do in Texas, rather than focus on things to do in Texas.

Texas is state of elite class, sophistication but at the same time you may encounter hoodlum, gangsters, molls, mafia, cowboys, con artists to make your trip maddening and crazy experience.

Houston Texas Skyline

In Texas do as the Texans do- if you are caught up in bad traffic jam, never honk, but be silent like a Buddha or you may land up in road rage fights and where you will be given a demo of all kinds of weapons used in the road rage warfare- like knives, cycle chains, base ball bats, guns and even rifles. Traffic is a night mare in state of Texas.

The pollution in Texas State is so bad, that even the birds are afraid to breathe, with nuclear and chemical plants around; breathing polluted air will bring you close to your meeting with the almighty.

At times you may encounter deer in the suburb forests of Texas and put the brakes on your cars, and let the royalty pass.

The ground rule of Texas, never hit a married women, as you may have to face the furious husband brandishing weapons as if the state is on war.

There will be people here in Texas, who will intimidate you to pay money if they show you the directions on the street and if you fail to pay, you may find one of your body parts missing or damaged in a jiffy.

You may have the urge to visit the strip clubs, where you will be lured by a hooker to buy her a drink and you will fall for all her charms and assets and oblige her. With the state of art con, the lady is served lemonade and you are billed for champagne and the booty is divided between the hooker and the strip club, but poor you, are too busy ogling down her neck and become the victim of oldest con in the world.

In Texas a must visit pilgrimage place is the Billy Bob’s- a three acre destination of night clubs, pubs, strip shows, and indoor rodeo and bull fight arenas and always jam packed by mobs, mafia, molls and the golden rule here is never mess with bouncers and bulls.

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