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Thailand Archipelago Ocean Cinema

Thailand is one of the coolest places to be without having something as amazing as this off the cost of Yao Noi.  The outdoor cinema constructed in the middle of an archipelago sheltered by stunning rock formations has been built for a dedicated film festival which screens films during evenings. Continue reading “Thailand Archipelago Ocean Cinema” »

10 reasons to visit Phuket for a golf holiday

There are a number of things, which make Phuket a great choice for a golf holiday.  The region of Phuket is easy to reach, regardless of whether you are coming from within Thailand itself or further afield and makes for an excellent golf destination.  Here we list 10 reasons to visit Phuket for a golf holiday. Continue reading “10 reasons to visit Phuket for a golf holiday” »

Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket

Set on a private Naka Yai islet in a lush luxury style, Six Senses Sanctuary in Phuket has the power to change the way you live. By this, I mean no stress, no tension, and no worries in your remaining life. And this is possible via a totally commendable spa of this retreat. The Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket is the only resort on the palm-fringed island of Naka Yai. Continue reading “Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket” »

The Perfect Villas On Koh Samui

If you are looking for the ideal getaway where you can just put the rest of the world aside, and leave it there for a while, you will find it at the Koh Samui villas.

Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand, and since Thailand is noted the world over as one of the best vacation spots globally, Koh Samui must be one notch or two above that ranking. As a matter of fact the notches could be elevated a bit higher because you will not believe what a paradise it is until you experience it. Continue reading “The Perfect Villas On Koh Samui” »