Skyros Retreat: An Ideal Hassle-free Holiday Haven


Welcome to the ultimate retreat of healing and peace! Standing proudly for it being among the admired retreats in Europe, Skyros is where your cool journey begins for a changed lifestyle and healthy future. It is a holistic retreat that introduces you to your until now unknown potential and inner strength to invoke spiritual progress and broaden your vision for peace and happiness. This is made possible here via the lessons of innovation, spirituality, meditation, massages, psychology, music, and yoga. This means that the ideal treats of the past mixed with the better methods of the present forms the holistic approach of Skyros towards your fit future. So, this is not something to miss when you plan to visit Greece. Can you compromise on your health? No, right?


The Skyros Center is nestled on the Greece’s Skyros Island and is aimed at offering the supreme stress-free holiday package. This island is well perched as the largest one among the set of other islands that adorn the Aegean Sea. You will surely love to amble on its thin and paved pathways that take you to Skyros within just 10 minutes from the shore. And for your accommodation, you have two options to choose from – between the pine jungles down along the shore or above in the beautiful paved village.

So, what is the Skyros secret of relief? It is none other than the great – Yoga! Since ancient days, yoga is believed to be the most vital and natural way to accomplish the eventual stability, happiness, and good health. And, this is also the opinion of the Skyros Center that manifests as a myriad of yoga types catering to the different levels of yoga fans and sick people alike. So, get ready to concentrate on breathing and adopt the fundamental principle of yoga by opting any of these – Ashtanga yoga, Sivananda yoga, or Iyengar yoga. Not only this, but there are also seven workshops continuing up to 120 minutes, which are held daily to shape your character, body, and soul. These workshops of Skyros also provide massage, meditation, reiki, and dance lessons.


The courtyard here is very shady with its green fig and pomegranate plantations. And yes, you are given a great chance to have a 360 degree view of the valley and sea. Its distinct feature is that the walls in white are adorned with grapevines and bouganvilleas. Further, the atmosphere is so delightful such that you can explore the unblemished charm of Greece, island activities, and savor new companies without any hesitation. Being miles away from the stress of daily life, you are sure to access new insights, reestablish your innovations, and achieve the sense of freedom.

Begin your day with cool stretching methods as well as meditation and end it with calming deep breathing. Skyros always motivates you to be a part of at least three daily courses. And in between intervals of yoga practices, take the opportunity of a deep massage or a life coaching course. Just come here and spend at least 4 to 5 days to experience the never ever felt self-awareness and constant internal peace.


Outside the Skyros, there is a new world of cheerful ambiance ready to welcome you at any point of time. Discover the close by old town and unveil the past preserved in the unbelievable structural designs that are sprinkled along the shore. Looking for some challenges? Invite a local dweller to play backgammon with you. Even a simply walk on the coast and marveling at the sea’s beauty is quite inspirational here.

If you are a true gourmet, you will not like to miss the real Greek meals at the traditional stalls and restaurants in the town. Visitors mostly opt to go towards the village when the sun is about to set making the evenings quite cool. You can even opt to eat at the Skyros Centre where a minimum of two 2 daily meals are on offer with dinner being provided only on some days. In fact, these meals are healthy in the sense that they include healthy items such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. Guests here have the meals on the terrace as they enjoy the views of the Aegean.

As you finish your day with the healthy techniques and an outing to the village, experience the relaxing atmosphere in your booked room at Skyros. This can be a modern apartment or a renovated room embedding a traditional Greek residence style. You can expect all the facilities in these rooms. Book for a single room much ahead of your coming date. A week cost here can be from $700 to $1050, but this money is worth spending here for your health and stress relief.

Holiday Time

September to April

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