Luxembourg Still Retains the Old World Charm


Luxembourg is among the most fascinating tourism destinations for those attracted by the old world charm inherent in stonework and their rich cultural heritage. The Old City attractions will hold you in awe once you step in Luxembourg.

Some of the places to see at Luxembourg include Boulevard Royal, Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Place d’ Armes, Musée Nationale d’Histoire et de l’Art, Le Natur Musée au Grund, Place d’ Armes, Musée Nationale d’Histoire et de l’Art, Le Natur Musée au Grund.

Boulevard Royal like the Wallstreet is the hub of financial institutions. Earlier, in the old times, the site was the main moat of a fortress in the old town. Cathedrale Notre-Dame dating back to the 17th century is best to be seen during and after Easter for the gala festivity. According to a legend Virgin Mary saved the city from the bubonic plague in 14th century in whose honor the city holds celebrations till the day.

A trip to Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg will open your eyes to the 1000 year history in an interactive manner combining ancient buildings and technological advancements of recent times. Place d’ Armes can keep you occupied for the day with their sidewalk cafes and evening concerts, fast food restaurants, and flea markets.

Musée Nationale d’Histoire et de l’Art is an elegantly built glass and steel 18th century structure with an impressive collection of art pieces from different ages including the prehistoric ones. Le Natur Musée au Grund on the bank of river Alzette is also worth visiting here. This building is an early 13th century structure that was once a prison for women contains exhibits on environment among several other things, today.

Casino Luxembourg contrary to its name is not a gambling place but exhibits contemporary art. Palais Grand-Ducal dating back to 16th century is an architectural attraction showcasing Spanish-Moorish style of design and a beautiful façade.

Luxembourg is rich in history and has been accorded a world heritage site by UNESCO. The visitors, especially those that love history will love this city founded in 963 AD by the Count of Ardennes named Sigefroid.

Rooms for rent in Luxembourg for long term are available from 700-900 EUR per month. The hotels at Luxembourg can be available at 55 Euros per room per night on the budget side. The hotels are mostly available in the higher price band of 75 to 170 Euros. They are often conveniently located and have courteous staff to take care of your needs. The hotels are equipped with modern amenities to make your stay comfortable.

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