Is It Worth Playing Real Escape Games?

Real escape games are a popular way of entertainment today on the Many people choose this kind of game because of the thinking it demands. What are real escape games? They are games in a locked space where people should escape from. There are different challenges you should go through to be free. The games cause adrenaline rush and at the same time need thinking.

There are different types of escape games. For example, you may need to solve puzzles or math problems to escape. The answers will tell you the numbers you need to enter on the locked doors. You may also need to understand complicated maps and object signs. It’s a fantastic experience with no danger.

Another kind of real escape game is overcoming obstacles on your way. For example, there can be monsters or fighting challenges on the route. There are different thematic escape games. You may choose the theme and the challenge you like most. So, real escape games are certainly worth playing.

It is a safe way to enjoy yourself because the rooms are not really locked. If someone needs to leave the room, they can do it easily with an extra exit. One disadvantage is that you need to play with other people. You cannot come and play on your own. You should take your friends with you, and it is not always possible. If you are alone, the real escape company may offer you a pair.

Most Popular Types of Escape Rooms Puzzles

What about puzzles in real escape rooms? Let’s see some of the types of puzzles you may face while playing.

1. Text messages

Text mainly includes numbers and calculations. Real escape rooms do not offer complex calculations. You will easily manage the task if you think logically. For example, the puzzles may include Sudoku, equations, or crosswords.

2. Puzzles with objects

Here, the objects in the room are the signs you should replace to escape. You may need to undo a knot or move objects. The objects may go in the wrong order. And when you place them correctly, you get the right answer.

3.Signs in the form of sounds

One of the signs you may face in real escape games is the background sound. Such noise may indicate the direction you should take. It can be whispering or knocking. You should also consider all the text on the walls.