How to travel the World on a budget


Many people think that travelling the world is a pipe dream. In fact, it is not so unrealizable and expensive if you know some simple rules of travelling the world.

Pre-Planning Your Travelling The World

Transportation is a cornerstone of travelling the world. Cheap tickets spare your budget, but at the same time you won’t be able to exchange them in case you missed the flight. Buying tickets, pay attention to some factors: 1) season. The cost of the same destinations on the same planes will vary depending on a season; 2) upcoming events. If you are going to visit top travel destinations like a host of Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup, it would be better to refuse to this idea unless you are not Rockefeller’s grandson. It is very convenient to buy tickets online because you can browse the web, compare prices and choose the most appropriate variant. Besides, you may come across one of innumerous discounts and bargains, plus, online shopping will liberate you from some fees. By the way, many popular airlines offer special round-the-world transit packages. Such package will make your travelling the world much cheaper than buying tickets in different companies.


Planning can mean the difference between unforgettable vacation and a nightmare speaking about travelling the world. Try to pack only the most necessary stuff. Don’t take expensive gadgets with you –you can easily damage or lose them. Here is the list of travelling around the world’s must-haves: passport, insurance (originals and copies), the list of people to contact in case of emergency, tickets, maps, world travel guides, cash (both international and local) and credit cards, first aid kit and all the necessary meds, phrasebooks, warm clothes, etc.

Costs Of  Travelling The World

Budget depends on the duration of your travelling the world and places you are going to visit. Take the trouble to do some online monitoring and booking job beforehand. Think about what you want to spend money on and try to count the total sum. Thus, alongside with major expenditures like visa, tickets, insurance, and housing issues, you might want to visit some definite places and sights, buy some souvenirs, clothes, go out in night clubs and bars, etc. Travelling the world can cost the world, so make sure you spend money reasonably.


Self-Care While Travelling The World

Safety is a very important aspect of travelling the world. Do you really need travel insurance? Hell yeah! It will protect your interests in case you get into trouble when travel around the world. If you fall ill or get injured while abroad, or face with legal proceedings, travel insurance would cover medical costs and court expenditures. Make sure your insurance agent has 24/7 available phone number. Be attentive: watch your luggage and other personal belongings and don’t go out with too much cash in your wallet. Travelling across the world on your own, call your family and friends every now and again.

Don’t forget to take proper care of your health while travelling the world. Aerophobia or seasickness can become a fly in the ointment. Besides, some people can’t adapt to time zones’ changes at once, so if you are one of them try to avoid alcohol, drink more water to prevent dehydration, and try to adjust to local time. Don’t let unwanted health issues spoil your travelling the world.

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