Cornered Religiously on all four sides – Char Dham

Dwarakadheesh temple

Do you want to be surrounded by God? Do you want to feel surreal anywhere in this world? Then just pack your bags and head towards Char Dham, the ultimate yatra or journey for any pilgrim or devotee in this part of India.

The tour would start from Delhi where a representative after receiving you would show you your room. The next day you take a train to Haridwar. There again at the station a representative would transfer you to the hotel. There are many temples, prayer rooms and yoga institutes here. You could actually explore around.

AT Haridwar, next morning you would have breakfast and then go to the winter house of Lord Badrinath, Joshimath. This place is around 253km from Badrinath. After the overnight stay at Joshimath, the next day you would go on the trek. You would go to a place called Ghangaria and this is the mainstay of the tour going to Hemkund Sahib and also the Valley of Flowers.

The tent stay at Ghangaria is out of the world and the experience lingers on for a long time to come. At Ghangaria after the stay you would go to the valley of flowers which gives you the best sight ever and the whole picturesque background seems straight out of a postcard. The collection of exotic flowers here is ceaseless and you would thank yourself you visited this garden of Eden.

Dwarakadheesh temple
Dwarakadheesh temple

From the beautiful hills of Himalayas in northern India exudes an energy that spreads over this place called Rudraprayag. This is where the two rivers Alaknanda and Mandikini meet. This is a holy Hindu pilgrim spot and the devotees feel completely rejuvenated here in spite of the trek up.

From Rudraprayag you would travel to Rishikesh which is again a great place to see. Then finally you would arrive at Delhi and your tour of pilgrim spot comes to an end for you to remain with a lot more memories than you could even think of.

Then in the Char Dham yatra or journey you have the trek that takes you to Badrinath temple and the trek up the Mana village. It is up to you what route you take; the Char Dham journey gives you all.

Mana village is a small village around 3 km from the temple of Badrinath. This village has a lot of designs of traditional patterns. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of this village and the simple nature of the people here. Outside the village is located a cave, where there is temple for Sage Vyas. This temple is believed to be more than 5000 years old. Here is where lies the great structure which attracts all tourists in the Char Dham journey. This is the Bhima’s Rock. This natural creation of nature passes over a river which is believed to have been made by Bhima, the brother of the mighty Pandavas, the epic heroes in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Then you have the waterfalls at VAsundhara which give you ultimate beauty.

Be a part of the Char Dham journey and select your route to eternal happiness

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