Singles traveling to France have nothing to worry about; it is a great destination for everyone. Families, couples and yes, even a woman traveling solo. As a matter of fact, many people report that they have had some of their best adventures while on French soil. Just being able to walk the quaint city alleys and dropping into cafes is a great luxury. France is a country you can visit on your own whether you enjoy watching people from a café, learning about winemaking, exploring castles, climbing hills or just lounging on the beach. Getting around is also easy, whether you rent a car or take the high-speed train that runs the country.

The idea that French don’t like foreigners is nonsense. Of course some prefer to stick to their own fundamental Frenchness, but this is nothing other than cherishing their country and its’ achievements over the years. At the end of the day France has got so much to offer in not only in terms of tradition and cuisine but also great history which you can explore in the corner of every other the street.

Perhaps as a single you should know that strolling around the streets and parks in France is also a great way to meet other people. Simple smile to those that catch your eye could be the beginning of a new relationship. It may be hard at first to be so forward but one you learn it will become natural.

Without any doubt France is a wine country and wine itself is a universal bond. As a single traveler visiting the picturesque vineyards is a must. Chatting to the wine makers and sharing similar taste preferences with others is a great way of interacting in France. You could easily spend a lifetime here exploring each and every vineyard and still not sample every wine…

If you are not keen on travelling alone and would prefer to be part of an organized group you could search for some organized tours that take your interest. This will give you the opportunity to join a group or take a pre-arranged tour on your own. Make sure you tell the travel operator that you are traveling alone and they should be able to recommend a group you will be comfortable with.

For those singles looking for some night life and want to enjoy the beach, the French Riviera is ideal. There is a great choice of chic cities along the Mediterranean coastline. Here you can also find spectacular scenery, golden beaches, medieval villages and stunning white cliffs.