Nowadays, when being single is not something unusual, holidays alone are becoming very trendy. Despite that, it is becoming extremely difficult to ignore the fact that man is a social being and is always looking for some intimacy. When you travel alone you don’t have any schedules or routines and there are no friends around to help you overcome any negative emotions. How do you spend your dream vacation alone with a positive mind and psyche?

1. Reduce the level of expectations
Keep your expectations at a reasonable level and set realistic goals. If you suffer from lots of stress in your life you are probably used to keep feelings to yourself. When you are alone these feelings might start to trouble you, especially when something does not go to plan – so you have trouble relaxing. Here’s a tip – consider what the vacation means to you? Sit upright with your eyes closed, in a quiet place for 10 minutes. Take a look at your feelings, try to experience them and then you will find your peace and joy. It’s simple but very effective.

2. Talk to your loved ones.
At some point in your solo vacation you might start to feel the loneliness. It could be worth contacting friends and family – send emails, text or call them. Vacations could be also a great opportunity to get in touch with people you are close to but don’t have time to meet as often as you wish, perhaps because you usually work long hours. Contact with them should sweeten your time and minimise the feeling of being a single.

3. Be active.
Not everyone’s idea of fun is lying on the beach. If that applies to you, perhaps you should choose to spend your vacation in more active way. There are many attractions such as tours, sightseeing and walking holidays. If you seek some adventure you might consider scuba diving, surfing or skiing holidays. You will never feel bored; instead you can get fit and meet like-minded people.

4. Relax
At the end of the day the whole point of the vacation is to relax and have fun. Forget all the pressures of everyday living. Remember that this is your holiday, a chance to get away from your everyday stress. No doing dishes and no cleaning the house, no working nine to five. Relax, unwind, take in the culture, the food, but more importantly, do what you enjoy. If you feel tired and in need of some treatments consider spa vacations which will help to revitalise yourself, your body and your mind.

5. Finish off your old tasks, de clutter!
Vacations are a great occasion to finish doing the things you started previously but never had a chance or courage to continue. Rather than spend all the time away, why not spend couple of days at home before the vacation? For example read that book you always meant to, segregate old pictures, throw away magazines you already read, refresh your wardrobe.

6. Redeem a dream.
When it comes to your dream vacation you have to start thinking outside the box. Holidays are not necessary about exotic destinations, sea, lake or mountains. You could sign up for some interesting courses such as cooking lessons in Tuscany or do something really crazy that you have dreamed of for a long time.

7. Find some time to reflect.
Loneliness helps us to understand ourselves better and allows reflection. During your vacation ask yourself what have you achieved in your life and what would you want to change? Try to reflect on what makes you happy and commit to using it to change parts of your life that you don’t like.