Just because you are single and have no friends to travel with, does not mean you should miss out on the fun of a skiing or snowboarding holiday. Skiing alone can be a completely new experience and once you explore it, you will love it! So take a plunge and enjoy the time of your life.

The biggest benefit of solo holiday is the possibility to do what you want and when you want it. There will be no one to rush you or to slow you down. When it comes to skiing, it could also be a sociable experience, especially if you decide to stay in a catered ski chalets or ski lodges as they tend to have a very welcoming, party atmosphere. The most recommended hotels in Europe for singles would be the Club Hotel Verseau in Brides les Bains for the 3 Vallees and Le Vert for Chamonix. Both hotels offer single rooms and ‘sit together’ option so you will not have to dine alone. They also have a lively sociable bars open till late.

The majority of guests are skiing enthusiasts and that’s why you should not feel as an outsider. Once you integrate, you will have a chance to share your passion and enjoyment of visiting spectacular mountains, resorts, charm villages and being outdoors with other people. Being single in this case means that you can get as involved as you want to.

If you like a sociable atmosphere you could sign up yourself to be a part of an organised group with a ski host. Such groups are offered for everyone from the beginners to experts. This way you will have companions to ski with and someone who could show you around the mountain. Remember skiing with a group is not only a fun experience but it is safer too.

If you like to have your skiing escapade organised for you, Club Med ski holidays are ideal for solos. They offer group ski lessons, lift passes and meals (included in the price). The nature of a Club Med ski holiday is perfectly suited to single people of either sex.

In terms of costs, unfortunately, many hotels do charge a large single supplement. However, there are some tour operators who try to reduce it; they can help you with finding the right hotel catering for single people where you can share a room with a member of the same sex. Also if you prefer to be in a single room and not share, they could find accommodation where you only have to pay relatively small single supplements. Please remember that single rooms always get booked up well in advance as single room space is very limited.

The other way to find some skiing companions is through the internet portals such as Solo Skiers and Boarders Forum who specialise in organising a group mountain escapes for singles. By registering you will have a chance to meet new people, get together and communicate to form groups of single skiers and snowboarders. You can find out if there are other people planning to go for a skiing holiday at the same time and destination as you are. From these types of forums you can also familiarise yourself with the mountains, weather conditions on the slopes and find the best spots to ski.

Once you get to your destination, simply enjoy getting out on the slopes and breezing along. Enjoy the spectacular sceneries and don’t forget to bring a camera. Treat yourself in the evening with nice meals and make the most of your solo holiday!