Four Best Bars in Budapest for partygoers or enjoying nightlife

Gozsdu Passage

For partygoers in Europe, Budapest is a Mecca as it offers the best avenues for partying. If you enjoy an eclectic nightlife, then the bars in Hungarian’s capital – Budapest are for you. These distinct drinking areas are one of the top tourists’ magnets. Indeed, these bars are an ideal addition to the fun in Budapest bar crawl.

Below are some of the best bars in Budapest to have an exciting night out or grab a drink.

Gozsdu Passage

#1 Kiosk Budapest

Kiosk Budapest is an exciting and fun-filled bar to be in, located in what was once a Piarist building at Marcius 15 square. Its architectural features are astonishing, and it includes high ceilings that give it a spacious atmosphere. You can feel the breeze on your face when you enjoy cocktails outside due to the modern and stylish exterior area. The Kiosk’s bartender is well-renowned for panache, and he has won numerous contests. He creates top-quality cocktails with a flair that even a connoisseur would admire. Perhaps you get hungry while enjoying all the excitement the Kiosk has to offer; there are various specialty burgers to indulge in with tongue-melting flavors such as foie gras, blue cheese, and caramelized onion. Yummy!

Kiosk Budapest

#2 Lampas Bar

Lampas bar is genuinely remarkable place where a fun lover would love to hang out in regularly. The Lampas bar is one of the coolest in Budapest, offering live music almost every night including jazz, rock and various kinds of genres. Located at Dob utca 15, 1074, the Lampas bar is an underground labyrinth that is located directly at the back of the Grand Synagogue. Given its cool reputation as one of the best, it is unsurprising that the Lampas also hosts open mic nights and some other cool bar events that offer a different experience from the usual “let’s just grab a drink bar experience”. Moreover, there is a halo of a special atmosphere in this bar thanks to its location in a winding cellar.

Lampas Bar

#3 Csendes Vintage bar

You want to visit a bar, but you’re a lover of a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Look no further than Csendes bar which as the name “Csendes” suggests is a quiet bar offering a café-like atmosphere. You can start your evening at this bar with a few snacks and a bottle of wine. This bar is highly distinct in Budapest because of the eccentric graffiti designed by art students. Visitors are also given the liberty to add to the wall art collection. You can visit this bar with your partner or your friends as it offers a quirky yet intimate venue for catching up. This bar delivers various daily programs, including music, literature, or film nights.

Csendes Vintage Bar

#4 Boutiq’Bar

This Budapest bar is currently recognized as one of the fifty world-best cocktail bars. Thanks to its small size and crimson walls, it delivers an intimate and sensual interior. Even connoisseurs of good cocktails would be lost in this bar as the skilled bartenders offer an immense and varied collection of drinks.


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